An irrigation system on your property can help preserve all the hard work that has been done on your landscaping, preventing your plants from shriveling in the Northern Utah sun this summer. The best time to have your system installed is in early spring, before you really need it. Waiting until the dog days of summer to employ a reliable irrigation system can put your plants in peril.

Gardeners enjoy taking care of their plants — weeding, watering, pruning, etc. After you’ve seeded your lawn or gotten those begonias in the ground, you want to make sure they take root and thrive. But face it, you’re busy. You work long days, the bus runs late, your kids need to bring four dozen cookies to school tomorrow. What’s the first chore to go? Watering the garden. It can wait until tomorrow, you tell yourself. Maybe. But how many tomorrows can it wait?

Employ Some Help

Installing an irrigation system frees you up to do a multitude of other tasks you’ve been ignoring, including putting your feet up and watching a good movie. Who says you have to hand-water your lawn and plants every day? An irrigation system is an excellent backup — like eating dinner at McDonald’s or ordering that wedding gift online — you get the job done, you just don’t do it yourself.

You have several irrigation options, depending upon your needs and the size of your property. The simplest method of irrigation is laying out a drip hose, which is merely a hose with holes in (and you’ve been replacing your leaky hoses!). These can also be installed below ground, for a deeper soaking. A more involved system includes sprinklers and micro sprayers. These have below-ground supply lines and above-ground sprayers, making for a neat and attractive appearance while still keeping your plants moist and healthy. The most complex irrigation system involves burying an interconnecting network of PVC pipes that can drain excess water from your property and guard against flooding as well as provide water to dry areas and delicate plants.

Automation Available

If you’re often away from home or afraid you’ll forget to turn your system on or off, a timer can be connected to automate your irrigation system. You’ll never have to worry about watering too much or too little, and you’ll never have to hire and trust a plant sitter when you’re out of town.
Some gardeners undertake the chore of installing an irrigation system themselves, but the more complex the system, the more difficult it is to set it up properly, and even if you do, it still involves a great deal of digging. This chore may be best left to the professionals. Earthworks Landscaping has installed hundreds of irrigation systems all over Northern Utah. Call them today to find out what type of irrigation system would work best for your property.