It’s true, autumn is the season most plants begin to enter dormancy, perhaps turning brown and losing their leaves in an effort to survive the long, cold winter ahead. Most plants are in wind-down mode, so what kind of care could they possibly need? Read on to find out.


As much as we love flowers, trees, bushes and other types of plants, the truth is, your lawn is probably the biggest part of your yard. As such, it deserves the most attention. But it rarely gets it. Why? People take their lawns for granted. They expect them to grow on their own, without help. And often they do. But they don’t grow as well or as nicely as they do with help.

Most lawns can benefit from a little aeration, and if you have clay-type soil, even more so. You can aerate your lawn manually — if you live in a townhouse. Otherwise, consider renting a power aerator. Or, if  you love exercise, get some aerator shoes. Equipped with rows of spikes, they strap on to your regular shoes and then you tramp about the lawn making holes wherever you step. Follow up with a good-quality fertilizer and some seed for the sparse patches, and your lawn will be a strong and hardy opponent to any weeds that try to sprout come spring.

Trees and Shrubs

Fall is also the best time for trimming and pruning trees and bushes. By waiting until fall, you don’t risk accidentally cutting off branches that may have yet to produce leaves or flowers. Once the growing season is over for bushes and shrubs, they shift their focus from producing leaves to strengthening their root systems, so this is the ideal time for planting new specimens or transplanting ones already on your property.

Flower Beds

This is the time to pull up all those annuals and cut back the perennials. This should give you room for some fall flowers, like snapdragons, calendula or ornamental cabbages. But don’t stop there — get your spring bulbs in the ground now to give them a chance to develop some roots. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses are popular, but consider others as well, such as paperwhite narcissus or snowdrops.


If any of this sounds confusing or like too much work, call the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. They can get your lawn, trees, bushes and flower beds in excellent shape for the winter. Then come spring, you can reap the fruits of their labor. Get all your fall landscaping chores done before snowfall, and call the knowledgeable staff at Earthworks if you need a helping hand.