Water Feature

Installing a water feature can finally give you the garden of your dreams.

You’ve worked hard planting, fertilizing, weeding and watering, and your plants look great, but something is missing, and that something is preventing your landscape from being as beautiful as it should.

Water features add incredible dimension to a landscape and are sought after for many reasons.

They’re Relaxing

The sound of trickling water is soothing. That’s why you find fountains in dentists’ offices, and it’s why the noise is recreated on sound machines — to bring about relaxation and help you drift off to sleep peacefully.

They’re Luxurious

Fountains and waterfalls make people think of exotic vacations to destinations like Hawaii. That’s why you sometimes see fountains in fancy restaurants, because they symbolize innate elegance. Stone is a beautiful and natural product, and a carefully crafted waterfall can look like it’s naturally occurring in your back yard.

They Bring You Closer to Nature

Why do you think the price of waterfront property is so high? Being near the water is desirable, and people are willing to pay a lot extra for the privilege. You may not have that privilege now, but you can recreate it with the right water feature. You’d swear you live next to a babbling brook or a country pond if you didn’t know better.

Most properties are suitable for at least some type of water feature. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can come out and do a free site evaluation to see if it would work.

Most Any Land Is Well-Suited for Water Features

Naturally sloped properties lend themselves well to meandering streams, and really flat land is great for a pond, complete with fish and plants. Even if you don’t have much room, that doesn’t mean you can’t install a water feature. Although many people have theirs in the back yard, if you have more room in the front, it’s a great idea to locate your water feature there.

Fountains can be built strategically into tight spaces, so it looks more like the trees and buildings were located around the water feature rather than the reverse. A front-yard feature really looks good with artfully place lighting as well. This type of illumination allows the whole neighborhood to enjoy your slice of nature.

If this is the year you’re finally committed to installing a fountain, pond or other water feature, call the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. Our stone masons and other craftsmen can build you a truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind showpiece. Call us to get started planning your water feature today.