Landscaping Maintenance Service

In Utah, landscape maintenance can be a huge chore, even if you have mostly grass. The time it takes to mow and keep your yard well-tended each week is time you often don’t have.

Today’s busy schedules allow little downtime. With work and church and kids and school and laundry, it’s amazing you can keep up at all. Farming out some of your responsibilities can help you get back a little of that precious time you need to recharge and enjoy life.

Sadly, many of your duties can’t be outsourced. You can’t depend on someone else to drive your kids to their activities on a regular basis. You could hire someone to walk your dog, but then you’d feel guilty for not spending any time with it.

Lots of homeowners hire cleaning people, but if you don’t clean up for them first by putting away all your shoes and sports equipment and clothes and mail, you won’t really get your money’s worth. They’ll end up only having a tiny spot in the middle of the kitchen floor to clean!

Delegate Landscape Maintenance Chores

So give yourself a break, and hire a regular crew to take care of your lawn and garden. They may make it look fast and easy when they come and do the job, but it’s because they have years of experience and the tools and equipment to get the work done quickly.

It can be particularly hard for you to care for your land in the spring, when it rains so often. It might rain four days in a row, then when it stops for a day, it’s a Tuesday, and you’re at work and have something planned for the evening, so you don’t get to mow. Then it rains for three more days. This can go on for weeks!

We are always at work when it stops raining too, but we are at work on your yard! As soon as the grass dries, we swoop in and cut it so your yard looks beautiful again.

Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

How often have you cut the grass, and by the time you’re done, it’s so late you don’t have time to get out the weed whacker and trim around all the spots your mower doesn’t reach? Your lawn ends up looking like you took a few swipes at it with your John Deere and then just gave up.

Turn over the job of landscaping maintenance to the experts at Earthworks Landscaping. Not only will we keep your lawn neatly trimmed, we’ll keep it fertilized and weed-free too! You won’t see any more dandelions marring your lawn!

For the best in landscape maintenance, call Earthworks Landscaping.