Backyard Patio

Homeowners in Utah want backyard patios more often than any other type of hardscape. These beautiful additions to your landscape and living space increase your property values along with your enjoyment of your yard.

A backyard patio is great because it lets you use more of your yard for the activities you love, like relaxing and entertaining outdoors, which can sometimes be difficult to do on the lawn. You can’t really set up a table and chairs on the lawn, because if you leave it there for any length of time, you’ll kill the grass.

Plus, no one wants to walk on grass when it’s wet, so you wouldn’t get to sit out as much. With a backyard patio, even if it’s wet, your shoes stay clean. The moment it’s done raining, you can head out with an old towel, wipe off your seat and enjoy a warm evening.

Backyard Patios Are Low Maintenance

It’s also hard to mow around a table and chairs, planters or other objects. It’s better to have these items on a flat, even surface. Some people like the woody feel of a deck, but if you’re going to have a grill or fire pit, you don’t want it on a flammable surface. Stone is the way to go.

The upkeep with stone is easier too. You don’t have to reseal it, it never rots or gives you splinters and it lasts practically forever. If it’s in a damp, shady area, you may need to hose off some mildew from time to time, but you’ll never need to rent a power washer and spend the day training a tiny hose on every square inch of your structure.

So Many Options!

You have lots to choose from when it comes to materials for backyard patios: brick, flagstone, concrete — and each of these comes with its own long list of subcategories.

Concrete is the cheapest way to go, but it doesn’t have to look that way. A slab is less expensive than pavers, but if your slab cracks (and it will, one day) it’s harder to repair than pavers. But a slab doesn’t have to be ugly — plan an irregular, curved border and grooves to match (so groovy!). Or go with a stamped or shiny surface for a real standout.

Bricks are cheaper than flagstone, and you can choose from among a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Flagstone is probably the most popular choice for backyard patios, and if you choose a stone that’s locally sourced, you can save money. These nice, flat stones come in all shades of gray, white, red and brown — choose a color scheme or mix and match!

If you think you’d like to put in a backyard patio, come talk to the experts here at Earthworks Landscaping. We install all types of patios, from the tiniest townhouse platform for a bistro set to an expansive, multi-level construction complete with fireplace and retaining wall.

Get started today on your plan to use your hard-earned property more by building a backyard patio!