Soon the days will get shorter, and installing outdoor lighting can help you make your backyard fun last longer.

When you go to the trouble of building a patio, deck, pergola, gazebo or other outdoor seating area, you want to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest. It’s easy during the lazy days of summer, when you can eat your meals outside, or come home from work and hunker down in a lounge chair with a book until 8 or 9 o’clock.

Outdoor Lighting

After Labor Day, however, the days start getting shorter, and you end up spending less time outdoors.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Spend More Time Outside with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple and beautiful solution to the problem of how to use your outdoor seating area more.

Lighting for outdoor structures can be subtle or bright. If your seating area has a roof, you may want to install lights underneath so you can host dinner parties al fresco through the fall months. These overhead lights give off a warm glow while providing enough illumination to distinguish between the appetizer and main course.

Outdoor Lighting for Decks

Options for deck lighting are many. For safety, if your deck has stairs, you may want guidelights under each riser to help guests navigate easily. Beyond these, you can add lighting under the railings or on each post. You can choose just a few, or you can have small clusters on wires for an ornamental effect.

This type of lighting is perfect for small get-togethers, family gatherings or informal cocktail parties.

Outdoor Lighting for Patios

Patio lighting often comes in the form of lights strung above the seating area held up by poles. This is a great way to illuminate a big space and creates a definite party atmosphere.

Some patios are bordered by retaining walls or incorporate other structures like a stove or an island. In these cases, lights can be added to the sides or undersides of these objects to give off a more subtle glow.

For patios that are adjacent to homes, lighting can be added to the back of the house to brighten up the patio area. This can save money, too, since the wiring will be closer to the source.

Whatever kind of outdoor seating area you have, Earthworks Landscaping can install lighting that will help turn it into a three-season space. Call us today to discuss your options for planning to add outdoor lighting to your seating area.