Hardscape Contractors in Farmington, UT

When you get hardscape services in Farmington, Utah from Earthworks Landscaping, your yard will be one-of-kind, look extravagant and stand out from the usual cement work common in your neighborhood. Many homeowners in Farmington, UT have cement walkways that lead to their front door. Not only are cement walkways ordinary and mundane, but also when they crack, they become an eyesore.

However, having a refined walkway made out of flagstone, pavers or bricks improves the aesthetic quality of your property significantly. And it doesn’t have to be linear or at a perfect right angle. This is the time to get creative. If you want a curved pathway leading to your door or adding stepping-stones if your yard favors it, Earthworks Landscaping can make it happen.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is good for yards that have steep slopes, and the retaining walls that we build will make your yard look luxurious. We can do a terraced design, rounded, flat or stepped. Whatever it is, your yard will look great and be functional. When your retaining wall is built, you can use the leveled areas for plants, grass expansion, seating and much more.

Patios and Terraces

Many residents in Farmington, UT love to sit outside during the warmer months, and that’s why we’ve built a lot of patios and terraces in the area. Everyone wants that perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are numberless options for patio and terrace designs, so contact Earthworks Landscaping and we can create and build a patio or terrace to your liking.


A pergola can really accent your patio like no other, and give it a unique look. It will provide shade from the hot Farmington sun, but you could plant some hydrangeas or honeysuckle vines that will climb your pergola’s roof to add some extra beauty and provide a welcoming scent.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are great because they’ll let you enjoy your outdoor property when the temperatures drop. Fire pits can come in many different shapes and sizes, so Earthworks Landscaping can get creative and build a personalized fire pit for you. Call us today at 801-941-0231 and find out how Earthworks Landscaping can beautify your property.

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