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Homes across the Layton, UT region have enjoyed the creative landscaping designs provided from Earthworks Landscaping, and yours could too. Our crew of landscaping contractors is made up of expert craftsmen who are committed to providing our customers affordable, gorgeous landscaping services. We can design, create, and execute a variety of landscaping features for your residential or commercial property in Layton, UT. No matter what your specifications are, Earthworks Landscaping can accomplish it for you. We’ll collaborate with you so that we understand what you want and make your ideas become a reality. This consistent communication is integral for both you and us and you’ll be satisfied knowing that your landscaping is in reliable hands. We can also assure you that when we’re on the job, your landscaping is built to last for the years to come.

Landscaping Designs We Do

  • Paths & Decks – Pathways and decks are an excellent way to create borders and fill in space with functional purposes. Patios and decks are a great way to enjoy your property and pathways are always convenient for navigation. Pathways can also make your yard look great when you implement unique designs. 
  • Ornamental & Retaining Walls – Borders can be an essential feature for a well-designed lawn. Retaining walls are a great way to add depth and character to your yard and the ornamentation will help it stand out. 
  • Walkway Lighting – Not only is walkway lighting beautiful, but it’s highly functional too. It gives guests a safe pathway to get to and from your front door. The aesthetics that lawn lighting brings is unmatched and it looks great in any yard. Earthworks Landscaping can provide downward facing lights, backlights, and pathway lighting for both businesses and residences in Layton, UT. 
  • Sod Installation – Healthy green lawns are always a standard fixture in neighborhoods. Our professionals can lay sod in your yard so that you won’t have to worry about grass seed. 

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