Sprinkler System Installation in Farmington, UT

For your lawn to be healthy and green, it needs water. An effective sprinkler system is the best way to water your grass. Earthworks Landscaping installs resource-efficient sprinkler systems in the Farmington area. Whether you have an existing system that needs to be replaced, or you have been watering your lawn with a hose, let us help. Earthworks Landscaping is your watering system installation team!

Utah springs are not as wet as they once were, so making sure your lawn stays green all season long requires an adequate sprinkler system; even more so as the season changes and you have the dry, hot summer with which to contend. Don’t let your lawn be one of the dead brown ones on the block this year. Have Earthworks Landscaping install a sprinkler system in your Farmington yard. Our professional landscapers’ top goal is to deliver outstanding yard care at an affordable rate.

Effectively Watering Your Yard

Adequate watering of your lawn can keep it green from March until the first snow falls in October. Proper watering at the appropriate times promotes thick and healthy grass. Our professional landscapers can help you get your lawn looking its best with a new sprinkler system. When you build your turf and thicken your lawn in the spring, then water minimally in the evenings through the summer, your grass will be the greenest on the street.

Earthworks Landscaping is a local Utah company based out of Davis and Weber Counties. We pride ourselves on professional landscaping, excellent and consultative customer service, and an individualized approach to your yard care. When we install a sprinkler system in your yard, you can be sure that you’ve got a partner in your yard care needs. Contact Earthworks Landscaping today by calling 801-941-0231.

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