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Does landscaping matter?

It does, and more than you might think.

What do we even mean when we say “landscaping”? It means a lot of different things to different people. If you build a new home, you will need the grounds landscaped. But what if you just want grass planted? Is that even considered landscaping?

Technically, yes. puts the “average cost” of landscaping at between $1,477 and $5,329, but you can see that this number is almost meaningless when you don’t know if the respondents are talking about grass seed, sod, bushes and trees, other plants, hardscaping or all of the above.

Beautiful landscaping in an expensive area of the country can run to $50K. Granted, this is more than most people want to spend, but landscaping is one home improvement that can net you more than 100 percent in your return on investment.

Warm, Fuzzy Landscaping

But even if you’re not looking to sell, a nicely landscaped yard is an enhancement to the neighborhood, and it makes you happy every time you pull into your driveway after a hard day at work.

Nice landscaping doesn’t just make you feel good, however; it’s good for your health, too. According to a National Geographic article that quotes a University of Utah cognitive psychologist, being out in nature improves mental performance and lowers risk of disease.

Spending time in your back yard counts as being out in nature. And it doesn’t necessarily mean mowing the lawn or weeding (although these are great exercises for the body and mind — and the landscaping), you can merely do outside what you would have otherwise done inside: eat a meal, read a book, visit with friends and family.

These activities are made infinitely more pleasant by beautifully landscaped surroundings. Gazing at blooming flowers, bushes and trees is relaxing and satisfying.

Conversely, if your lawn has bare patches and your garden is choked with weeds, this could trigger the opposite effect. It’s like looking a pile of bills or dirty laundry — it triggers anxiety, guilt and even fear!

Landscaping Improves The Planet

Your feelings aside, landscaping is good for nature. Healthy plants and trees provide clean air to breathe. Retaining walls help prevent soil from eroding. Flowers provide pollen for bees, which in turn use it to produce honey. Irrigation systems help conserve water, a natural resource, by using only what’s needed and targeting it to specific areas.

If you want your yard to provide all these benefits, call Earthworks Landscaping today. We can design a landscape that fits your budget and makes you happy and healthy!