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Have you started your fall gardening chores? If not, don’t worry — you still have time. And remember, whatever you can get done this fall will only make your job that much easier come springtime.

So what, exactly, are these fall gardening chores that need to be done?

1. Drain The Water

And we mean from irrigation systems, ponds, sprinklers, hoses and anything else you have outside hooked up to your plumbing.

It can be difficult to know exactly when to perform this chore, because we might get a warm spell, and then you’ll want to wash the car or hose off the deck. That’s OK, but you keep an eye on when the first frost is due to arrive, and make sure you get your equipment drained and put away on time, so you don’t risk cracks in your system.

2. Prune Trees And Shrubs

Make sure you prune the right ones! If you trim flowering bushes like azaleas in the fall, you won’t have any blossoms in the spring. Also avoid pruning woody plants in the fall — it could spur growth. And don’t prune anything that could start leaking sap.

So what CAN you prune when you’re doing fall gardening chores? Get rid of all the dead branches and a few of the ones that grown out of control. But don’t get out of control yourself and give your trees and shrubs an aggressive cut. It will take a lot longer to grow out than a bad haircut.

3. Plant Bulbs

This isn’t really a chore, because it isn’t necessary, but your yard will look extra beautiful in six months if you sink a few tulip and daffodil bulbs now. Plant extras for the squirrels — otherwise you may have no flowers come spring.

Better Homes & Gardens suggests deterring tulip bulb stealing by planting them in cages. But it may be less work to fortify your garden with a moat and some ramparts.

4. Winterize Your Lawn Mower

Never put away your lawn mower for the season with gas in it. If you’re able to start it in the spring, you’ll just gum up the engine with the old gas. Use up the rest of the gas to mulch the leaves piling up on the lawn. You’ll get two important fall gardening chores done at once!

The blade should be sharpened and the oil and filter changed too. Mechanics aren’t your thing? That’s OK — call in a professional to do the job.

If fall gardening chores are getting you down, contact Earthworks Landscaping. We can put your lawn and garden to bed for the winter so it wakes up happy and refreshed come spring.